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Rick and Joanne both had their own professions, but what started out as a part time charity activity has turned into a real exciting adventure.   

We started out as pickers with my main passion in vintage cameras, and we have being picking through different estates sales on weekends.  About 11 years ago, purely by chance, we hosted our own mini estate sale for a charity organization, the Youth Educational Sports Scholarship.  It is a youth sports program for at-risk kids.  The organization had accumulated quite a few items donated by people and needed some help in turning the material into funds.  Maybe because of beginner’s luck, the sale was a huge success.  The success encouraged us to conduct more sales on weekends whenever the donations accumulated.  We never looked back ever since. 

The experience of hosting estate sales had exposed us to the other side of this market.  We began to talk to the donors/clients.  We soon discovered that we liked being this environment not only for the enjoyment of antiques or other precious items, but also for the deep appreciation of the stories passed along, the stories about the people and the history of those items.  So, with each item we saw, we also acquired a piece of history.  Yesterday is carried on through today and become tomorrow.  After 11 years, we have grown into a business dedicated in estate liquidation services and pass along the history of those once cherished and loved items to others who would also cherish and love them. 

Combined with years of sales experiences and our previous experiences in IT world, we can be a great help to you.  Not only we can gather buyers through traditional methods, we’re also able to gather buyers online as well as through social media.  And we’re always eager to try new ways to maximize your total sales.  Also, serving the Bay Area, like many of good estate sale companies, we are insured and bonded, making sure that there will be no loss to you in case of a very unlikely event of either a mistake or accident.  Call us for a free consultation today.  The number is right on top of this page. 

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