What we do, basically, is a simple process.  Once agreed, we will try selling every item for as much as possible in a very short period of time.  And depends on your choice, we'll dispose any items not sold and leaving your estate broom-clean.  The main goal is to attempt to sell all contents of your estate expeditiously and advantageously.  All the other necessary steps involved are there to help to achieve this goal.  Please see below breakdowns. 

- Estate consultation

FREE! There is no charge for the initial evaluation of the estate site and content, plus estate sale consultation.  Please do not throw anything away. 

- Advertising

In order to achieve the best results in generating maximum amount of potential buyers, we advertise your estate sale through several different venues including the following,

- Posting your sale on our own website
- Posting ads on estate sales news websites with most frequent visitors
- Forward your sale information to potential buyers on our mailing list
- Posting ads on local newspaper if necessary
- If permitted, posting signs to direct potential buyers to the estate site during your   sale

- Pricing

We will appraise the contents of your estate and tag them with prices.  If necessary, we will contact outside experts to authenticate and/or appraise an item.  Your input of items’ history and prices when they were acquired is always welcomed.  However, the current market prices may be vastly different from the times before.  Given the goal is selling all items expeditiously and advantageously, pricing should give current market price a great consideration.  Please note that the value of an item can be realized only if it is sold. 

- Preparation & staging

In some case, the contents of your estate can remain where they are with only some minor adjustment in arrangement.  However, more often, extensive rearrangement is necessary to make the items more visible and accessible, and therefore, helping with the goal of selling quickly while realizing maximized value.  We will sort, organize and rearrange the content of your estate and stage them for the sale.  Also, if you haven’t already done so, this is the part of the process when any item you wish not to include in the sale are selected and marked or removed from the estate.  Lastly, if we discover any item that might be any sentimental value to you, such as family photos, we’ll consult you. 

- Estate liquidation

After all the preparation and staging is completed, we’ll conduct the estate sale on a predetermined and well advertised date.  We will work with potential buyers to maximize the sales and make sure they don’t leave empty handed.  And we will remain focused on the goal of attempting to sell everything expeditiously and advantageously, which in term would maximize the proceeds.  Lastly, we can provide an itemized list of items sold if you wish to obtain one. 

- Cleaning up and disposal

Once when the estate sales comes to a close, if there is any items left unsold, there are different ways to disperse them.

- Leaving them behind to be removed later by you
- Charity donation
- Help from haul away professionals to remove the items

We can help facilitate and arrange for the charity donation and professional haul away if necessary.  And, we’ll clean out any garbage and debris leaving the premises broom-clean.  Please note that broom-clean is not show room ready.  If you need to get the estate ready for a realtor, a professional cleaning service is needed.  We can also help arrange it if necessary.  

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