New Sale coming up 
Date:  08/23/2019 - 08/24/2019 (Friday and Saturday)
Time: 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
1075 Madison Ave
Livermore, CA 94550

Hello friends,It’s been a while since our last sale.  And, I miss you all.  The reason for our overdue sale is because we have just welcomed a brand new member of our family, baby Henry, who was prematurely born on July 18th, which caught all of us totally by surprise.  I had to drop everything to take care of this whole thing.  But, we’re slowly coming back with our sales.  And, I’m opening the door in the coming weekend with a bang.  This is a home with a lot of mid century modern furniture, a car, lots of office supply, a lot of custom jewelry and quite a few vintage and antique photographs, and other interesting items.  Parked outside of the garage, there’s a Toyota Camry.  Once when you come inside of the house, to your left is kitchen, where there is a lot of normal kitchen items and dining table set.  Next to it, is living room, where you’ll find a piano, a very unique wooden display shelving unit plus a couch, sofa, end table and coffee table set, a vintage violin and other knick knacks.  In another room next to the kitchen, there’s a ton of books, some stereo system, records and some mid century modern style sofa chairs.  Walking down the hall way on the other side of the living room, towards the end and right, in a bedroom, there’s some bedroom furniture, clothing, and lots of watercolor paintings.  Opposite of this room, in bedroom number two, that’s where we set our case for custom jewelry.  And, you’ll also find some sewing items like buttons and sewing machine, which has a mid century modern style furniture.  Adjacent to this room, there is a home office, where you’ll find a lot of office furniture and office supply.  In the master bedroom next to the yard, there’s a complete set of mid century modern bedroom set.  And, in the backyard, there are some patio furniture, Christmas decoration and gardening tools.  There’s also an aluminum ramp with handrails available but not displayed in the yard (please see pictures and ask if interested).  Over all, this is a pretty interesting sale.  Please take a look at the pictures and come and join us for a fun sale.  And, baby Henry’s pictures are available for viewing upon request 😊.  

Link to pictures

​Due to the work involved in setting the sale up, I may not be able to answer your message on pricing.  I apologize ahead for the inconvenience.  

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There is no sale scheduled for this coming weekend.  Please stay tuned for future sales.   

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