New Sale coming up 
Date:  03/13/2020 - 03/14/2020 (Fri and Sat)
Time: 09:00 AM - 01:30 PM 
965 Leneve Pl
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Please note:

Due to current concerns about Corona virus and county health department events guidelines, foe your own safety, I urge elderly people and people with underlying health conditions to not attend this sale.  Your well being is important to me.  I would like to see you again and again in all of my future sales.  Please take care.  I'm also keeping this particular sale short as well.  The sale will be open between 9AM and 1:30PM.  

Hello friends,
I know I haven’t been back online for a little bit.  But, I have an excuse.  I have being preparing this great sale for you guys.  We had to push this sale back twice already due to the type of digging had to go through to get everything ready for you.  And, it’s finally here.  There’s a wide variety of items in this sale, and they are all collectibles.  To start, there’s going to be a good selection of stereo equipment, such as turntables and speakers and etc.  And, to go along with that, there’s a large selection of records, cassette and wheel to wheel tapes, VSH tapes and the usual CD and DVDs.  And, there’s a large collection of cups and saucers, with plenty of different china sets (located at both ends of the house, so make sure you go through the whole house).  And, to match that, there’s a large selection of antique silver plate silverware (there may be some sterling mixed in there, too.  So, be careful digging).  And, there’s a huge selection of books of wide variety of subjects.  From this department, there’s also a very large selection of Discovery magazine.  Under the toy department, there’s a large train collection, dolls (some are quite old, which I’m sure you’d like), model cars and a quite collection of matchbox cars (a selection we haven’t seen for a while).  And, on top of all this, there’s a large collection of baseball and sports card collection.  Talking about cars, there’s a lot of vintage car parts for Chevy and Buick with a quite a few of old car radio and license plates.  There aren’t a lot of mechanics tools, though.  But, there are a couple of cases of good carpentry cools (Yes, there are Stanleys).  Oh, one more thing, under the sewing department, it’s worth to mention that there’s a huge lot of patterns from the old days.  Plus, there are other good items but in small numbers in its category, like the Vietnam war era Army class A and B uniform, complete with insignia.  I still have jewelry and a small coins collection to go through, and once when I do, I'll post more pictures.  Over all, this is a very exciting and interesting sale.  And, I don’t say this a lot, but everything’s got to go.  So, please check out the pictures and come and join us for a great weekend. 

Link to pictures

​Due to the work involved in setting the sale up, I may not be able to answer your message on pricing.  I apologize ahead for the inconvenience.  

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Thank you for your support during our last sale.  

Thank you for your visit. 

There is no sale scheduled for this coming weekend.  Please stay tuned for future sales.   

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