Date: 9/23 and 9/24 Saturday and Sunday

Address: 299 Honeydew Dr Vallejo, CA 94591

Hello friends, this week we’re proudly hosting a sale for a family who has lived in the area for 30 years.  The mother was a frequent buyer of antique shops and estate sales and was fascinated by all kinds of china, plates and figurines.  So, in this sale, you’ll find a lot of those.  And, there is a hard to find RCA Victor transistor radio set (in working condition the last time I checked).  Plus, there is a lot of good quality women’s clothing in larger size.  There are quite a few of night stands, two complete full size beds with mattresses and head boards.  Some of other furniture consists of leather sofa and recliner, vintage couch, vintage chairs, vintage expendable dining room table with 6 chairs.  Oh, there are couple sets of patio furniture as well.  There are some reproduction items, but over all, this is a good house to pick through.  Please see a list of some of the items (not all) in this house

Living room:

Curio cabinet (Vintage)

Collectible figurines and plates

Collectible music boxes

Vintage MAGNAVOX radio, turntable and 8 track set (with records and collection of 8 track tapes)

Vintage secretary desk with hutch

Coffee table

Couch with wood frame

Asian style Curio cabinet

Dining area + Kitchen:

Vintage expendable dining table set (with 6 chairs)

Vintage oak buffet

Oak expendable dining table with 4 chairs

Kitchen full of pots and pans

Vintage bone china cups

Copper cake molds


China plates

Le Creuset pots



Family room:

Leather couch

Leather recliner

Flat screen TV

TV stand

Floor lamp

Bar stools


Full size bed (two of them) – complete with headboard and mattress

Night stands

Flat screen TV

Leather sofa


Office secretary desk and chair

Couch chairs with Ottomans

More night stands

Collectible plates (not just in bedrooms but throughout the house)

Armoire X 2

Vintage armchairs

Fainting chair

Grandfather clock

Backyard (items spilled over from inside of the house):


Singer electric sewing machine

Vases (some are vintage)

Home décor pieces

More plates (some are Japanese and Chinese)

Patio furniture (with umbrella)

BBQ grill

A few pieces of gardening tools

Plus other knick knacks throughout of the house

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Thank you for your visit. 

There is no sale this week.  Please come back and check our schedule at a later time. 

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